Thursday, March 4, 2010

The peak of Big White Ski Resort (a.k.a. The
Top of the busiest ski lift called the Bullet Express.

The gondola that takes you from the skating rink into the middle of the village (a.k.a. Lara's Gondola).

Hey, back from Vancouver (over a week ago), the flight went very well and the ride to Sturgeon Falls was fine. Onthe last 2 days of my trip, I went to Kelowna to do some snowboarind at Big White Ski Resort. Big White was amazing, here are some of my pictures.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dylan in Kelowna

Hi to all of Dylan's loyal readers:

He is currently at Big White Ski resort in Kelowna. He does not have easy access to a computer so I am posting this message to inform you he has not snowboarded off a cliff. Thanks for commenting on the blog, I think everyone has enjoyed following Dylan's trip, and he has done an excellent job of keeping us informed. He will try to make a new post soon, although it may need to wait until he is home on Thursday. He has informed us he has many more pictures to share.

He inadvertately put up some kind of filter so your most recent comments needed to be cleared by the author before they were posted. I confirmed all comments and they should now be up for Dylan to read.

Thanks for enriching Dylan's Olympic experience with your words of encouragement and supportive messages.



Sunday, February 21, 2010

Feb. 18 (Pt. 2 ): The Medal Ceremony

Jacob Hoggard playing the piano during the song " For The Nights I Can Remember".
Jacob Hoggard, lead singer (white T-shirt), Dave Rosin, lead guitar (far end of the stage), and Tommy Mac on bass who is closest to in the picture. There is also Chris Crippin who plays drums but I was not able to get him in the picture.

Shaun White (gold medalist), the Finnish boarder Peetu Piiroinen (silver medalist) and Scotty Lago the bronze medalist walking up to the podium for their medals.

Christine Nesbitt impatiently waiting for her gold medal. Beside her is Annette Gerritsen who placed second and Lauren van Riessen who got bronze.

The medal ceremony is one of the greatest moments of my Olympic Trip. Hearing Oh Canada play in a stadium that is jam packed with these Canadians and everyone is singing the National Anthem of our country made me proud to be there and proud to be Canadian. Seeing the gold medal being presented to a Canadian on home soil is something I will probably never get to experience ever again. I've got a video of Christine Nesbitt's medal presentation that I will try to put up later because it is not working right now. I've got pictures though! After the medals were presented, there was a concert afterwards and Hedley was playing. When you're about 100 feet up from the presentation and about 200 feet away from it, it was quite hard to take a good picture but I tried.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Feb. 18 (Pt. 1): Curling

The Norwegians were wearing one of the funniest uniforms I've ever seen!

Team Canada and Team Sweden shaking hands after their match.
The Dutch team minus 1...
The Swedes sweeping thier rocks into the house.
The Canadian vice John Morris throwing his rock.

On the morning of the 18th at 9 a.m. I went to watch a match of curling. Canada won 7-3 over the Swedes! The good thing about the curling match is that the crowd is so animated so every time Canada would do something good the crowd would go nuts! Another good thing about the curling is that there is more than one match at a time, 4 actually. The other games were Denmark and U.S.A. which went into extra ends Denmark won by a point 7-6. There was a Norway- Germany game and Norway won 7-4 and last but not least Great Britain and Switzerland played and Switzerland won that one 4-3. In the row behind us, there were some passionate G.B. fans (well all G.B. fans are passionate because curling is such a big thing there, the Brits are good at it) who were cheering (singing) these really long cheers and that made are experience more enthusiastic.

Sorry for falling behind in my blog (got busy again and had some technical dificulties.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Feb. 17 (Pt. 2) : Whistler Sliding Center

A video of the mountains going up to Whistler.
Me in front of turn 9 of the luge track.

The Canadian luge doubles team flying down the course.

The Russian luge doubles team at the very beginning of their first run.

The gondola taking you from Whistler Village to the Whistler Sliding Center. The line up for this thing was huge!!!

A view of the Horseshoe Bay. This is on the way to Whistler.

The trip up to Whistler was amazing, such a nice view! The luge was really exciting. The announcer described this sport perfectly, "two big men going down a tube of ice on a lunch tray going 135 km/h". Pretty much close to impossible to take a picture of them.

Feb. 17 (Pt.1) : Back Downtown

Mmm... smokies...

Where's Dylan? This is the Canada Place on the waterfront. 
These are just a few of the many statues of the eagles downtown Vancouver. (the kid beside me is just another person taking a picture. It is not someone I know). 
Looking out on the waterfront of the Burrard Inlet. 

On the 17th, we went back downtown to pick up the luge tickets and go to the waterfront. The Burrard Inlet separating the City of Vancouver and the City of North Vancouver. Lots of cargo ships and cruise ships pass through the inlet. Guess what... more pictures!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Feb. 16: The Hockey Game

On the left, #88 Patrick Kane. In the middle, #9 Zach Parise and finally #15 Phil Kessel.
Players shaking hands after the game.
Not the best pictures but OUCH!!! 
Ryan Miller, goalie for Team USA.

Patrick Kane of the Team USA .

The hockey game at the GM Place was awesome! The United States defeated Switzerland 3-1 which was a much better game than I anticipated. I saw lots of N.H.L. stars like Jonas Miller (Swiss goalie), and Patrick Kane, Phil Kessel and all the others. Here are the pictures.